Educational and cultural exchange experience for students, educators and families.

The BEE program brings high school students to study in the US while living with a host family.

BEE Students

Students who apply to the BEE program are between the ages of 15 – 18 and are from diverse cultures. They bring rich cultural tradition to the US to share with their host families, schools and peers.

Students pass intensive English reading and writing tests, personal interview, and background check before they are accepted to the program.

BEE Coordinators

International exchange coordinators (IEC) are the direct link between the student, host family, school and BEE staff.

They receive training from BEE staff in giving orientations, supervising students, interviewing host families, maintaining contact with the schools, and handling any questions as they arise.

Host Families

Host families often have children living at the home and are emotionally and financially able to host an exchange student.

The parents are over the age of 25, complete an application, pass an interview at home with the EIC, and supply two personal references.

Business Education Exchange



Total Families Hosted BEE Students


Total Students Participated In BEE Program


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Years Fostering Cultural & Educational Exchange

The primary focus of the BEE program is business education.

Students will learn the culture and standards of western business as well as the tools of the free enterprise system, economics, accounting, finance, management and communications.

Students are encouraged to take business classes in their high schools and to participate in business clubs.

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