Become A Coordinator

Join a team of BEE coordinators throughout Nebraska to change the world by bringing cultural exchange to your community!

Local Coordinators come from all walks of life (but must be 26 years of age or older). Many are teachers, nurses, retirees, or stay-at-home parents. The most successful have a background in sales/marketing, community organizing, and education, combined with personal experience living, studying, or travelling abroad.

What all Local Coordinators have in common is a love for working with people from different cultures and a desire to work flexible, part-time hours from home as an independent contractor. Local Coordinators must live locally (within 120 miles of the host family).

Local Coordinator Responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting families interested in hosting an International student. (Host families are paid.
  • Matching host families with international students.
  • Working with the high schools in your community to accept and enroll exchange students for the academic year or semester.
  • Providing orientations for the host family and students and monitoring the student throughout their program.
  • Acting as a support person and counselor for families and international students.

The BEE Difference

BEE will provide the training necessary to place and monitor exchange students with qualified host families. You will also work closely with your Regional Director on each placement.

BEE pays a generous stipend for each student you place and monitor. The payment for the 10-month academic year is $1,100.00 per student; the 5-month academic semester is $900.00 per student.

Please note: Application screening will continue through May. Applicants must complete the online application in order to be considered (uploading resume; providing 3 references; and answering screening questions). A background check and reference check will be required for qualified applicants.

BEE works only with Private High Schools of Nebraska.

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